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Yes, it is almost Christmas, and money flows like water.

Our Serbian friends give a lot, and now they need $'s in return.

Let's not leave 2015 on a sad note, but give our of a generous heart as the best way we can show our thanks.

I am just a member like the rest of you, but appreciative of all those who have contributed this year. Together, along with the awesome work of JEDAN & click, this site stays alive.

May you all, in your part of the world, have a happy & blessed Christmas, as we focus on giving, family & friends, and the 'Christ' of Christmas.

Ian ((tokoian)
There are a lot of financial demands on all of us during this season, but don't forget - small donations are still better than none. Let's support our mods for the work they do all year. A very merry Christmas to all of you.

Hear, Hear! Let's support our Serbian friends who give us so much viewing (and listening) pleasure. Let's make their season a good one.
Merry Christmas or whatever your particular greeting of this season is to all the users of 1-Link. AngelAngelAngel
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