Full Version: And Then There Were Two.................
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Greetings 1-link members

To get all you folks envious, I am about to embark on a six week holiday. Where sunshine becomes boring, and fishing becomes a chore.
I know you'll all miss me. But I will return, as bright as a button, and keen as mustard to dive headfirst into more assignments.

Thanks to all members who practically supported the site in January.

Safe journeys...a nice tan (no sunburns allowed)..pictures taken, and happy memories made!!

We will all MISS YOU!

See you on your return!! Big GrinBig Grin

all the best my friend...

take care and dont worry about the board.

Enjoy the well deserved rest my friend...

Our friend is back ,
@tokoian welcome !!!
Welcome back, hope that you had a great time!