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READ FIRST Forum Rules Addition

A guide how to use the report button:

Go to thread ,hit report button and just add the season and ep. Number
and a short description  of problem. If your messages are longer dont hesitate to hit it again and continue your message.


[Image: 1jbibl.jpg]


[Image: 2jiwih.jpg]

For reporting its unnecessary to add IMDB links or the title name,just make the reports from the problematic thread.
After reporting wait and we will handle as soon as we can and let you know via PM when it will be done.
Wrong reports will be ignored without notice!

This info is a little dated.
The Report button no longer functions as above.
One can't reuse the Report button anymore to report multiple missing files/links/episodes.
Just something I noticed while trying to get my Jack Bauer on.
Why aren't you at your post!?

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