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Forum Rules
The Board Rules are simple and easy to understand:

1.This forum is only for downloading, only admins can open threads, post links , etc... Do not ask for permissions to post because it won't be granted.
2. The only languages spoken/written on this forum are English/Ex-YU languages
3. Flaming/Spamming/Rudeness will not be tolerated. May result in permanent ban.
4. Please post in correct section(s). Read the forum descriptions before posting.
5. Please do not hijack others thread by going off topic. always stay relevant to the topic.
6. Do not use offensive text such as discrimination, racism, swearing.
7. Do not to post advertisements, referral links are forbidden.
8. Information is very important, so please always add it to Your post.
9. If you find that some download links are broken use report button in that specific thread, also if you request something please be sure that thread does not exist , read this thread http://1-link.org/showthread.php?tid=21083
10. Do not attempt to bypass the word censor. This may result in warning or ban.
11. Do not post any asterisks or any other weird signs to get attention for Your post.
12. Please do not use Full CAPs on Your topic title or in the message body.
13. Do not post masked, protected, or redirecting links. Messages with such content will be deleted immediately and You will be warned, may result with a temporary ban.
14. Don't discuss other forums here, do it there. Messages with such content will be deleted immediately, may result with a temporary ban.
15. You must comply with all of the rules above while using PM, Avatar, Signature functions.

The Forum staff reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time with or without notice.

Legal notice:
There is no copyrighted material hosted on the Forum, the links are posted just for testing purposes. If you want to permanent use the described movies, TV shows, music, programs, books, courses, utilities, ... - buy them.

We appreciate the time You took to read the Board Rules. Enjoy Your stay here at our Forum and please obey these rules. - Administrator

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