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READ FIRST Forum Rules Addition
Download section rules:

Dont share links from this board to other forums, blogs... !
For violating this rule You will be banned permanently!

Dont open requests here to fill requests on other sites!
We dont work for the hole www and other forums, they have their own staff!
For violating this rule You will be banned permanently!

Dont send PM to staff members for your requests ,You have a request section for that.
Requesting via PM will be resulted with a warn and will be ignored !
Dont make "bulk" requests just open a new thread for each and add a description link (IMDV,TVrage...) or if the thread already exist on the board point us to them.
Requests without description links will be ignored and deleted!

Dont "Bump" Your requests and dont open same multiple times , we will respond and fill it if we can.
For violating this rule you will be warned!

Dont PM staff members to reporting dead links and threads with "dead filehoster" (FS,FSC,SH...) links ,use report button for that.
For violating this rule you will be warned!

A guide how to use the report button:

Go to thread ,hit report button and just add the season and ep. Number
and a short description of problem. If your messages are longer dont hesitate to hit it again and continue your message.


[Image: 1jbibl.jpg]


[Image: 2jiwih.jpg]

For reporting its unnecessary to add IMDB links or the title name,just make the reports from the problematic thread.
After reporting wait and we will handle as soon as we can and let you know via PM when it will be done.
Wrong reports will be ignored without notice!

Registered Users:
Dont ask for mirror links ! That permission you will be able to get if you become DONATOR of our site
It is uploader choice which filehost he will be using.
For violating this rule you will be warned !


Fileactory has crapy servers and a lot of files facing downtimes and they are coming again online after sometime, so just wait, if you get message that file is deleted then you can report that link is gone.
To locate a temp offline link you must open direct link in your browser and you will get the failure message.
On weekend's FileFactory's links are more affected with this issue.
So please have some patience , we cant fix their servers.

FileFactory Downloading:

I have the best results by using a mozilla adon called "DownThemAll" (thanks to @Carolyn).
Download it, install it, restart mozilla, set it up, log into Your FF account , mark links, then click right mouse button and select "dTa one click selection".

Making threads in the download area are possible only for staff members!
Donators can start download threads in the music section only!

Accusing, sarcastic, annoying, bothering, arguing, offense discussion will NOT be tolerated (public or via PM) !
For violating this rule U will be warned or banned!

Vouching or pointing members to other boards or forums is not allowed
For violating this rule you will be banned permanently!

General Rules U can find here:

If you feel that You cant follow and respect our rules please avoid this board-forum .

Thank You all !

The Forum staff reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any rule.

sorry for my bad English

I agree it is also fast to use the report button as requesting takes too long and when you use the report button the poster will know right away compared to be posted

Thank you for the information JEDAN

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