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About Putlocker....
Hi Bros GoodDay!,
I notice that you have have announce that Rapigator will be the major cloud,
How about putlocker cloud ?
I notice, when I download movies from putlocker, files that were there wasn't deleted even 2 years old! pretty amazing..I'm not sure if you have tried using this server?
I have stop using Rapidgator for more than a year now,as files that I tried to download will never complete it's cause.( about 20%),even with the complains to their customer support,they can't be bother to reply to my quires except for asking me to change a downloader which I find absurd, as I do not face any problem with other cloud servers.

Thanks & GoodDay mate!Big GrinBig Grin
Yeah, I too would place a vote to be a mirror site.
Rapidgator does annoy with their absolutely ridiculous slow downloads.
Sorry, but No at this time, two filehosts are enough , you see how much data we have, it will be hard to fill all costs , and with new filehost with another premiums which we have to pay its to much.
Figured as so much. Since it was mentioned didn't hurt to ask. Confused

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