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Changes and Explanation
Very necessary unfortunately.
I agree JEDAN but, there should be more ways of donating what happened to paypal just about everyone uses it.

(03-08-2015, 08:47 PM)JEDAN Wrote: After a long period a few changes must be made here on 1-link.org regarding user classes and priority of filling requests and fixing reported links. I suppose everyone knows that our "blue's" always have priority for fulfilling all their wishes and that will continue. However, downgrading of accounts will be possible to, depending of usage frequency and date since last contribution. Our new user class will be supporters, and downgraded donators also will join this class. Members who made donations lower than US$10 will be added to this class too.
To explain the benefits of user classes:

Donator - our true power here. Without them, this board can't exist. Their contribution covers all our fees regarding services and hosting. All benefits that we offer are open for them (as long as requesting isn't excessive). There is full access to the transload section, where there are the A & Ebooks request section; the special, high priority movie and TV series section; and the transload service itself.
(You can read more about it here)

Posting in the Music download section is allowed!

Supporter - People who have stopped contributing (any reason) and members that has made donation less than US$10. They have medium to low priority for fulfilling of requests and fixing reported dead links. They can see the transload section, but cannot use it.

Registered - ordinary members can make requests and reports, but donators and Supporter have first priority.
For registered user that we have warned in the past, there is NO filling or fixing!

I was forced to take these steps since recently having to beg every month for contributions. There are a few members ("free-riders") who report like crazy. However, when help is needed, it is just ignored, they lay low for a few days, and then continue as normal.

It is important that all members follow and respect our rules. You can find them here:

A big thanks to those who financially contribute regularly. They are the lifeblood of this site.

So that's all for now people. I know not all will be happy with these changes, but happiness doesn't pay our bills every month...


changes are made...
Sounds fair and reasonable to me, hope it brings a few more donators as well. Been pretty inactive myself lately but will try to remedy that someday soon.
In October 2018 we has only 65% collected and "hit the bottom" regarding donations.
So thats are the reason why all reports and requests will not be filled-fixed!
Many ppl enjoy the content asking-demanding for more and expect alot from our side but when we ask for help to cover the fees we got nothing,no help and no response on my mass PM's so im forced to save the space for all helping members.
hope U understand the situation

Fair enough.

Will only fulfil requests from Donators until you advise differently.

I was hoping that people would meet costs as the month drew to a close. A shame this didn't happen.

Trusting your vege garden produced a good crop this year. We recently planted ours. A lot of apples forming again, which is a real blessing.

Love to you both............ BigShot & Mrs BigShot
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