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HD Tv Shows Thread
Hi guys, was wondering what everyone thinks of a seperate HD thread for Tv shows or if this is not possible at all & if so please ignore me on this request! Smile

I was more thinking about older Tv shows from 70s & 80s if they were available! I think this would be a awesome section to have, as so many of these great shows have been re released in HD now...

I hope a thread like this may also mean due to higher quality would bring in more donations, as i would contribute more when i can as i know this would be a big job with bigger file sizes to upload...

Whats everyone's opinion on this idea...

Cheers guys
Movies are always posted as BluRay where available, with file sizes 'realistic.' As older posts are revived, often a better format is available, which are therefore used.

My experience is that older TV series don't come out in the higher sort of definition you're suggesting.
Many newer shows however in are in HDTV format, which I'm sure JEDAN sources where available. As premium host accounts are purchased for storage, files in 1080p format (for example) wouldn't be practical, for several reasons.

Trusting this answer helps.
[Image: UUjhCH5.gif?2]
tokoian is right in many respects with what is currently available with new tv shows. I'd say at least 99% is all HDTV quality.

However, with shows from the 80's and going back, unless the studios kept good master tapes of these shows than it would not be possible to bring them up to date properly into HDTV mode. A good example is like on Metv, where you can see shows like Perry Mason, Gomer Pyle, Quantum Leap, Miami Vice, etc.. but even though the network is actually in HD, the shows are not. You see all the glitches and so forth of those shows. I'm assuming at this point that it might be a cost preventative measure that keeps these older shows from being converted to a better quality. I know from reading articles on the preservation of older movies and so forth, that the cost is astronomical. Now if that is high for a single movie, can you imagine the cost it would be for a series with over 5 seasons? It is no wonder you see some series that have been done asking for well over $200 for the entire series. They have to recoup the cost someway.

Maybe one day we'll get lucky and technology will advance to the point where it is easy and cheap for studios to do this, but at the moment it is just not feasible for them.

If any become available I'm sure they will be shared here by someone, via Jedan.

That was a good question and idea though.. Thanks for that!! Smile Smile
Sheriff Jinxy Co-Sheriff of Movie Collections Big GrinBig Grin
Hi guys, thanks for the replay. I understand what you mean about the hd not being
As good as modern TV shows as some are just upscaled and some may not even able to fully convert into the max hd quality from the original film.

However I have scene some great looking older TV shows for example...

Star Trek next generation
X files
Wonder Woman
Star Trek (60s!)
Battlestar Galactica (70s)
Magnum pi
(I totally agree that some look better than others, but they all look better than sd on the whole)

Hopefully this idea can be kept open for the future & if possible when a TV show gets re upped to add a note if it's re upped in higher quality than previous post. This would be great to avoid re downloading if not needed...

Thanx again to everyone for the all the hard work here.


Mav Smile

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