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The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour TV Series (1969–1972)
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11-07-2017, 08:08 AM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2017 08:11 AM by JEDAN.)
Post: #11
RE: The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour TV Series (1969–1972)
I have told STOP and U continue arguing ?!?

U has used caps and thats forbiden here !

and Your insult thats was causing my reaction:
Quote:I just dont think Lying for him is in his best interests. that said any files I have jedan is welcome to

and guess what I will not tolerate such things here !!!

back to "no hits",from my side this means I cant add nothing regarding the request and Im talking regarding my colection and sources,the reasons can be various and @jinxy has explained that and U call she a lier and she are lying for me,so Im a lier to,right ?!?!

and U has continued to making statments here regarding our search or Your "caring about our members"...
have we ask for it ???

I know my english is bad but I think it wasnt so hard to understand me...

so U has deserved my next and like promissed BAN
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12-10-2017, 06:31 AM (This post was last modified: 12-10-2017 06:32 AM by todd23.)
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RE: The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour TV Series (1969–1972)
thumbs up Smile

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12-10-2017, 09:32 AM
Post: #13
RE: The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour TV Series (1969–1972)
A bit of clarification for members regarding 'no hits.'

The 3 moderators use a pool of personal sources for files. We don't all use the same sites. The term 'no hits' means that, for that particular moderator, despite spending plenty of time checking each of their sources, nothing eventuates. There are times when one of us comes up blank, but another locates. Both JEDAN & Jinxy don't access PirateBay. In desperation I have used this site in the past. However, like Jinxy, I can be severely 'burnt' if tracked.

This ex-member doesn't accept our viewpoint, and remains totally unapologetic. A shame, especially when he questions character. We spend countless hours for the benefit of others - without any personal gain.
Yes, we are a community, and are here to support each other. Moderators can only do so much. Incredibly, we are human! So where we come up blank, and another member can assist, sending us Filefactory / 1Fichier links by PM is a bonus. It is appreciated, although never expected.

Trusting this helps any confusion.


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