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Colorized and color TV episodes
10-30-2017, 08:57 PM (This post was last modified: 10-30-2017 09:05 PM by jimmo.)
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Colorized and color TV episodes
It would be nice if the colorized episodes (and not only the Christmas episodes) of I Love Lucy were added to the I Love Lucy section.

Although there are three distinct, colorized versions of that Christmas episode, the first one (1990) in approximate natural colorization (the "Ricardo" living room with dark brown molding and tan walls) with black and white (or monochrome) flashback segments, a second one (2013) with "vintage-looking" colorization (the "Ricardo" living room walls enhanced with dark gray molding and light gray walls) which retains the monochrome flashback segments, and the third version (2015) with the same enhanced colorization, including the flashback segments.

Besides the Christmas episode, the other colorized I Love Lucy episodes are "Lucy Goes to Scotland," "Lucy's Italian Movie," "Job Switching," "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," "Lucy Gets in Pictures," "L.A. at Last," "Lucy and Superman," "Lucy Visits Grauman's," "Lucy and John Wayne," "The Dancing Star" featuring Van Johnson and "Harpo Marx."

I realize many purists prefer to view I Love Lucy and other films and television series' originally filmed in monochrome in their original so-called "black and white" format. But colorization doesn't ever detract from those original black and white filmings, merely provides an alternative format in which to view a classic TV episode or films. The point is one should have the ability (when alternate formats are available) to choose the format in which one wishes to view a film or TV episode.

And the colorization process has improved greatly since the 1980s, when the fake color looked artificial and with a bleached-out pastel tone. Nowadays the fake color appears more vibrant and may often match or improve upon the natural colors of a film or TV set and the appearances and costumes of the actors in them, especially if colorized using actual color photographs.

Some other classic TV series' which have colorized episodes available (and which would also be nice to see included in 1-Link's library of download files) are The Andy Griffith Show ("The Christmas Story" and "The Pickle Story") and The Dick Van Dyke Show ("Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" and "That's My Boy").

Of course there are also the alternate colorized versions of Seasons One and Two of Bewitched and Season One of Gilligan's Island and I Dream of Jeannie, all originally filmed in monochrome. I am unsure which versions of these sereis' are currently available to download from 1-Link. It's getting to the point now it's difficult to find the original so-called "black and white" versions of Bewitched, which should also never be the case. The point is to have alternatives, not prevent one format or the other.

And then there is the case of The Lucy Show (Lucille Ball's third sitcom after I Love Lucy and The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show a.k.a. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour), which had been filmed in color from Seasons Two forward, even though the second and third seasons were originally broadcast in monochrome, because Miss Ball anticipated the TV networks and affiliates (for purposes of syndication) would eventually broadcast all-color. Again, I am unsure which versions of Seasons Two and Three of The Lucy Show are available from 1-Link download files, the color or monochrome versions. Also, perhaps eventually, CBS/Paramount (which owns The Lucy Show and I Love Lucy, but not Here's Lucy, Ball's fourth series) would see fit to colorize Season One of The Lucy Show that was filmed only in monochrome.

Eventually, it would be nice to see producers colorize all or most of the popular TV series' episodes originally filmed in monochrome, such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Munsters (if ever a sereis was meant to be filmed in color), Perry Mason and The Twilight Zone, among others.

Of course we know how The Andy Griffith Show appears in color, since its final three seasons (Six, Seven and Eight) were originally filmed and broadcast in color. Still, it would be nice to see the first five seasons of The Andy Griffith Show colorized, just so those who wish may watch the really classic episodes with Don Knotts as "Barney Fife" in color. This is also true for all but the first seasons of Get Smart, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Hazel, Hogan's Heroes and I Dream of Jeannie, some other popular TV series' whose very first seasons were filmed and originally broadcast in color, but subsequently shot in color for the remaining seasons.

And then there are the 14 seasons of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (TV's longest-running live-action sitcom), only the final season of which was filmed and broadcast by ABC in color. But first things first with Ozzie and Harriet, in just getting a majority of the monochrome episodes (some 400) to a state where the audio and video from the original elements is even watchable. But part of that process could and should probably include colorization, as it woudl likely never be done later if not done so when remastering.

Anyway, here's putting in my request for any available colorized versions of I Love Lucy. I already have two of the three colorized versions of the Christmas episode, plus a few of the other colorized eps. But it would be nice if all the colorized eps. of this, one of the most beloved TV sitcoms, were available from 1-Link.
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