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Uptobox Changes
Just FYI

I got a message from a friend that when they tried to use Uptobox today a message was received "

This page is not allowed in the US

We're sorry but it appears your IP comes from the US so you're not allowed to download or stream.

If you have a premium account, please login to remove the limitation.

I double checked and no matter what browser I used it came up the same way. I've never seen this page before from them and I received no notification that this was a plan they put into motion. At this point anyone who does not have access to a premium account can't download or stream from them. Which sucks big time!! It is forcing folks to either buy a premium account (yes dirt cheap but beside the point) or get a VPN that works around this issue. They are based in Geneve for anyone who wants to know.

Folks can decide for themselves what they want to do.
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