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RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - billnotben - 06-10-2013

(06-10-2013, 01:40 AM)lxrocks Wrote: If you don't mind sharing, what is 'full speed' for you?

Around 900 kb/s

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - click - 06-10-2013

14 mb/s

OVH provider

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - GarColga - 06-10-2013

No problem here, I use JDownloader and get my usual speed, around 750 kb/s. There have been times though when the speed is significantly lower but goes back to normal in a day or so.

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - snowy25 - 06-10-2013

Using Real-debdrid to download FF files I can easily get 7.8MB/sec which is around half of my 120mb speed. Two files downloading at the same time gives me my full speed. If you have problems with direct downloads through premium hosts then I would do what others have suggested and switch to a multi-hosts as they usually have very few issues.

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - atan2359 - 06-10-2013

Hi Bros,
I am facing the same problem of slow download speed.
Usually I can achieve DL Speed of between 1.5 to 2 mbps,
Recent weeks my DL speed drop to even 10kbps per file.
After my complaint to FF, I regain the normal speed but for 1day only!
The next day, same problem,But my DL speed pattern became funny.
It will reach 1.6 mbps for 10seconds then it will fall back to super slow speed
then after 2 minutes it will go back to 1.6 and the story goes on and on......
What a dissapointment ! Extra hours needed to DL files....
At lease for now, ul.to can be considered as stable!
Thanks And GoodDay Mates....

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - lxrocks - 06-13-2013

Multi hosts are working well for me. I checked my ISP with Glasnost and there is no shaping or throttling detected. The only problem I am having is with Filefactory - all other downloads are fine. Filefactory support are looking into it but they are taking a long time.

I single chunk x single download soon slows down to around 4 KB/s. After restarting a couple of times, the speed might go up to around 80KB/s but soon dies and goes back to 4-5KB/s

RE: Filefactory premium has become extremely slow - lxrocks - 07-02-2013

Just to close this off - I used real-debrid only for about 10 days ie no direct downloads from Filefactory.com. A few days ago, it appears the problem has gone away. All direct downloads are back to normal speeds again. Nothing changed from my side. No response from Filefactory.com to my trouble ticket.

I guess I will never know.

RE: FILEFACTORY new policy - dibbydar - 07-06-2013

Uploaded to or rapidgator do not currently apply any limits that I am aware of perhaps you could use those hosts?

FileFactory New Policy Sucks! - atan2359 - 07-06-2013

Hi Bros,
I just realize some statement in the FileFactory Web page:

Fair Use Policy
Effective Date: March 20, 2013

Excess bandwidth
If your download bandwidth usage is consistently in the top 1% of users over the course of a month,
We may slow your Download speed or restrict your downloads.
We will contact you by email if you are affected by any restrictions.

What a waste of time today, For the pass 12hrs today I manage to download only few movies totaling : 4773.256 (4.7GB),That's mediocre FileFactory service!

Regards And GoodDay Mate!

RE: FILEFACTORY new policy - click - 07-06-2013


49,99$ - 3 moths , 4TB bandwidth , 8 tb storage - low bandwidth and storage