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Thank you button?
No thank you button anymore?
Seeing how I couldn't find anywhere to post a comment on the new look, I will do it here Smile Looks lovely and fresh Smile
It will be added later today, forum is upgraded to new version, so we must find working thank you mod
Agreed Smile New website is great!
I really enjoy the new look for the site. For me personally I can view it easier (my eyes can be a problem), and the color schemes are great.

Thank you!
Sheriff Jinxy of Movie Collections  Big GrinBig Grin
Few new modifications will be added today, we will together test them, my favorite will be online support (chat), so you will know when we are online and you will be able to ask us anything and get answer same minute, also we are planing to add some side boxes for new users, it will be easier for them to find how to get register and activated, how to report and request something, so the site notice will be used only for announcements .

We are glad that you like this theme Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
New theme looks great but would you consider perhaps making the font in the red and green rectangles bold. This is a really minor tweak and if you have more important items to accomplish please ignore this tiny item. The Thank-you button is way more important than the suggestion because we members like to show you how much we appreciate what you do.Heart


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