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Thanks for the New look of 1-Link...
Hi Brothers,
The colours looks clean and bright! Just like Repainting of my house,
wonderful nice job!
Goodday Mates!Big Grin
I also love the new look. A lot easier on the eyes.
Thanks Again
Haha I was shocked at first but I like it, thanks!!
Yep, it looks great Smile just one point, the spelling is wrong here:

We have recieved 26% of our goal

Should be

We have received

But that's not important, thanks for all the great work you guys do!
A nice change. The 'chat' option should be worth investigating once all the new look is fine tuned. Speed of response though has never been a problem in the past. You get top marks here! I hope that you do get some sleep daily, as the amount of work you do is colossal. With thanks............. tokoian
It looks superb folks, thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

Best of all, the colors are very easy on my old eyeballs ... most other forums look like a strip mall, with neon text on black background. The pleasing pastel colors here are MOST welcome! Big Grin
very attractive change guys!
I like it!SmileWink
i like it ! well done . looks great !

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