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All Filefactory related threads merged
wow that does blow. I have yet to receive that, but it does explain why I had such a hard time downloading last few nights. Though I was able to get around that. It was a pain to do it, but I managed to finally figure out if I imported to my Filecloud, and then immediately downloaded those links. As I said it shouldn't be necessary for any premium member to have to put up with FF doing this to its members.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if any other host companies follow suit. If so, downloading is going to be awful!
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lol still hanging into FF, i moved on long time ago
i use get around 5-7 gigs a night in a 5 hour period from 2-7 am im on a limited internet thats only time i can dowload but luckily i havent been hit with that so far
I have a premium account and so far I haven't had any problems with them since getting it and I've been downloading every day (not all day but sometimes a good portion of it) for almost a month now.

as announced a lot of files were deleted from ff so my question is what will happen to all the posts whith dead links. this site is exelent place for series but now a lot of them are dead, how will i be able to download them , will ff still to sanction links or what ???
what is the next move for deleted series, will they be uploaded again or only by request
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It will be reuploaded again, Jedan is on vacation and he will be back soon, I was 3 days absent. we have lot of work to do 176 reports so far+ requests. When you ask for something and requests is fulfilled download that series when it is posted do not wait month to do it .

Ne mislim na tebe nego uopste.
That's great news. You guys are the best. I'm gonna start copying files to my own FF account and download as my capped ISP will allow.
...and it will be much easier for us if all members stop to report links with this message:

[Image: wwwfiufun.jpg]

or similar...

alot of reported links arent realy dead but ppl dont respect our site notice's and rules.
once again read this addition and follow and respect it:


this message isnt pointed to anyone personal,its just a try to save us time that we can handle true dead links and request's...

(make a try and contact FF support about issued links coz we all have payed our acc's to download and not for reading their server maintenance messages.)

thanks for Your understanding and sorry for my bad english

FF's first strike regarding the new policy:

I have lost around 14 TB of files in 7 days...

Hi Bros Jedan,
Very Sad to learn that all the hard work of uploading have gone to waste......14TB,that's really a hole-in-one for FF,but we loose out.


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