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Heard from a friend yesterday with regards to her files. The report they sent back to her, stated
Quote:There's currently a technical problem with that particular server. We had to replace some hard drives. Unfortunately the drives were not in stock so we have had to wait until replacements arrived from the factory. The server is currently rebuilding. No data loss has been suffered and the server should be back online as soon as possible.

UPDATE: We have replaced some drives in this server. 70% of the files will be available shortly, however download speeds will remain slow over the next couple of days. The remaining 30% of files are still not available until the drive array has finished rebuilding.

So far with my keeping my files below 1TB per account they haven't deleted my files. Not to say I won't get hit an some point. Would really be great to find someone who has truly unlimited storage space, but I think those days are long gone! Sad

I'm so sorry to hear of more loss for you Jedan, been there and know it is so frustrating. If only uploading was as easy as downloading, then it would be at least a little more tolerable.
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The sad thing is I think you're really going to get this from any host eventually. Oh it might take a few months for it to happen but eventually it will happen everywhere. Sad I think it's why we all flock from new host to new host as they get stricter. The life for downloading is really hard because it's made next to impossible by gov'ts that really crack down on the websites.
Through trial and error I have found that some filefactory posts that show up as missing or broken under jdownloader or mipony will download just fine using filefactory's own downloader called "FileFactory Turbo". I have also seen files that stall out on the Official FileFactory downloader will download just fine in mipony. I say if one doesn't work, try the others.
Some links work if you hit on them several times and others don't.
Even within the same title? Huh
I am a free user of filefactory, so normally a 350 MB file takes 3 hours or so

that is ok, as I only use filefactory when there is no other option.

but since yesterday, its like netload. instead of a speed of 30-40, its constant timeouts, and speeds that rarely exceed 7.

I was not able to get 1 file of 200 MB all day yesterday, and today looks to be the same.

have any other free users had this problem? is there a way around it?
FileFactory has been having issues the last couple of weeks and it is affecting Premium users too. Be patient, I guess.
Oh that's good to know, thanks for telling us.
Yeah, I'm a premium member and have noticed the last like week or twice there have been a lot of issues. Things timing out, error messages, etc so I've had to stop and resume downloading countless (sometimes as many as like 40 times) to get files to download. Hope they fix it soon. I still have at least six more months on my premium account.
patience, yes I agree. and for current tv, finding alternate links.

but during this period might it not be better to stop uploading to filefactory? or provide an alternate.

it might be fixed today. but it might also take weeks, and by then many of the files will be deleted. or they might be instituting some new stupid policy (such as the hated 500MB file limit they used to impose on free users)

I am just glad that it was not something only I was experiencing.
Filefactory has been having servers issues for over a week, not all servers are down, some of the links are good that are stored on other servers. Speed is expected to be slower until all servers are up and running.

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