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Site Help - Please !
Its such a great site and well worth contributing to, Jedan and Click and Universe and co are always so helpful and generous with their time.
Thanks all for the friendly reminder!

Mods: Great job! Heart
Defo worth a monthly contribution.....And when you do you get to ask for things you can not find every now and again...We well I certainly love the work you guys do, Maybe there could be a section for monthly dona tors of a certain amount...I am not sure what it would be that you would get, that no dona tors get, and I am not saying that to hold back non contributors as our own budgets are individual, but maybe there could be a nice carrot or something....Any help that I can be in anyway as I tend to have about 2 days a week spare most weeks...
When I first started coming here the goal was made every month. Not sure what happened, but it's a shame that it seems to be less all the time.

Definitely worth a donation to keep this site going and thanks for all the shows that I'd never hear of or see otherwise.

I hope things pick up. Sad
Agree with all... helping these guys out with a donation is the least we can do!
I agree with everybody as well, as my collection wouldnt be half as good as what it is today without this site and all the hard work all the Mods put in to get our requests sorted out!

Thanx again, and i will continue to donate when i can...HeartSmile
Agree and donated!!

This site is the best for downloading and getting requested shows, etc. There are so many sites that request monthly fees that are totally crap so will try to remember to donate more often!!

Thanks to the uploaders for all their hard work.

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