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Changes for future movies!
Just to let you folks know that I've noticed an up tick in requests for movies that have either srt files or those with closed captioning. For this reason from this point forward I'm going to do my level best to post new movies with this choice available to everyone. Now please keep in mind really old films rarely have that option. But the newer movies do.

For those who think srt and closed caption is the same they are not.

Closed Captioning: Not only puts in spoken word but also indicates the action going on in the scene. For example: "Man, walks stealthily up the stairs towards his victim." "Music swells or the use of music notes to indicate that there is music in the background." "Dog barking" and so forth.

SRT files are normally separate from the movie (unless hard coded into it) and normally only provides the verbal dialogue of those in the scene. If someone wants to see what is being said they normally start the film, and then have the player select subtitles and it will begin showing the subs on the screen while you are watching. Those are what is known as "Selectable subs" If hard coded there is no option to select and if you don't want to watch the subs you have to turn off that option in your player.

Most players have an subtitle preference area in which you can even enlarge the text size to make the viewing easier, and whether you want the text to appear at the bottom or the top of the film. Just be careful that you don't get so large that you end up covering most of the film action. Smile

From this point forward when you a newer film from me you will see, eg... "YmCAL.168975411.2020.cc.J" or if a tv movie something like this: "PaTc.55982412.2020.tvm.cc.J" If the srt file is separate I'll make a note in the name as well "PaTc.55982412.2020.tvm.srt.J"

Hope this helps our our members. Let me know what you think!

Sheriff Jinxy of Movie Collections  Big GrinBig Grin

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